Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Family Survival Course

The first question I am always asked about prepping is "Where do I begin?". A great place to start is Jason Richard's Family Survival Course. I have a link down below where you can get this at a reduced price. The course is loaded with great information about different scenarios and done professionally with an ex military special forces man to walk you through some very basic survival skills to turn your home into a "dug out" and prepping with some real basic household items. I have also included some of my helpful information below for free to help you get started and ready for all kinds of survival techniques.

When it comes to Doomsday scenarios, one of the first thoughts that come into people's minds is the need for protection. Whether the threat is from other humans, predatory animals or, even, zombies, people come up with all sorts of ideas about the protection capabilities they need in the event of emergencies. If you want to be truly prepared for Doomsday events, you should be considering how you intend to provide protection for yourself and your family as well. There are several options and special considerations when planning your family’s protective measures in a post-apocalyptic world. What kind of threats do you anticipate? Are you comfortable with lethal force or is a non-lethal protection something you would be more comfortable with? What are your physical abilities and training? By answering these three questions, you can determine a lot about your mindset and how you need to prepare your Doomsday protection planning and strategy.

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Threat Types
In preparing for Doomsday, the possibilities for threat scenarios are almost limitless. The physical well-being of you or your family members could be threatened by wild animals, looters, rogue military groups, invading governments or any other conceivable enemy. You may even face threats from other survivors who simply didn't have the foresight to prepare for disaster to come. Determining what threats you may face and how far you are willing to go to protect yourself and your loved ones in response to each threat type is crucial in preparing for Doomsday scenarios.

Lethal vs. Non-Lethal Protection
When it comes time to defend yourself or your family against the various threats you may encounter, it is too late to answer the questions of whether lethal versus nonlethal force is preferred and at which level the various forms of protection are appropriate. To be prepared to deal with any threat on any level, you must make those crucial decisions before the need arises.

Weapons, Physical Abilities and Training
Depending on how you choose to defend yourself and your loved ones from attack in a Doomsday scenario, certain equipment and training is required before the event gets here. Fortunately, for many preppers, the same weapons used for their defense strategy are also part of their strategy for providing food through hunting. In many cases, these individuals have put aside a small stockpile of ammunition and firearms to meet both their hunting and defense needs in the event of a large-scale emergency, so they will already have these items on hand when the need arises. Whether you choose an armed defense strategy or not, knowing at least the basics of self-defense will be imperative in a Doomsday situation. Understanding the escalation of force as related to your attacker and being able to diffuse a situation without the expenditure of valuable ammunition or the loss of other resources may prove to be very useful in the turmoil that follows a global Doomsday event. When it comes to protecting the life of Doomsday event. When it comes to protecting the life of yourself or someone you love, there are no limits. In a survival situation, protecting your life-saving supplies may carry equal importance because, once those supplies are surrendered, you have limited the amount of time that stands between you and death because your stockpile was holding off starvation or dehydration. All preppers should consider some form of physical training and self-defense education to improve their odds of survival in a Doomsday situation. This kind of training serves a two fold purpose. First, at some point, you are either going to be caught without a weapon or ammunition will run out and this training gives you an additional layer of defense. Secondly, by adding self defense training, you add a few more steps in the escalation of force ladder, making it less likely that you would have to immediately resort to lethal force tactics for defense.

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